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The Start of Hurricane Season

May 28, 2020

June 1 starts the 2020 Hurricane season thru Nov. 1, the months that 90% of the storms in the Atlantic are generated. This year we are off to a fast start with two named storms already formed before the official first day of the season. Nth National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminisration is predicting an “above-normal” 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, with 13 to 19 named storms predicted.  Do you have a good plan? Do you have enough lines to double up? Is your boat insurance up to date and filed in the office? Just a couple thoughts to get you started. Read on and follow our checklist…

How To Prepare Your Boat For Hurricanes… The Short List.


  • Boats will have all compartments secured and all canvas wrapped or stowed.
  • All batteries will be fully charged and tested prior to storm warnings.
  • Verify all bilge pumps are operational on automatic and self-bailing hulls are cleared from debris.
  • Cover all electronic equipment.
  • Check to ensure all fuel caps are snugged down tight.
  • Remove all loose gear from the boat and dock. Stow it or bring it home.
  • Remove all sails, especially roller furling jibs.
  • All hatches should be dogged or secured.
  • In-water vessels – Have dock lines doubled and secured to the dock poles at a height for all tidal swings with full chafe gear installed.
  • Lift vessels – All boats on lifts should be lifted to the highest possible safe height. Secure boats to lift poles to keep boats from swinging. Follow instructions above to secure boat.

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