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September is the Height of Hurricane Season

July 31, 2020

Whether it’s a tropical storm or a hurricane, now is the time to make your plan. There are sure to be high tides (double up dock lines and leave enough slack but not too much), maybe storm surge and high winds (remove all sails and loose dock items). Discuss it with the Harbor Office (386-756-2180) and carry it out! As you’ve heard many times, the very best plan is to remove your boat to dry land. Your boat is your responsibility, so how should you take precautions? Follow this checklist and you’ll be off to a great start…

• Boats will have all compartments secured and all canvas wrapped or stowed.
• All batteries will be fully charged and tested prior to storm warnings.
• Verify all bilge pumps are operational on automatic and self bailing hulls are cleared from debris.
• Cover all electronic equipment.
• Check to ensure all fuel caps are snugged down tight.
• Remove all loose gear from the boat and dock. Stow it or bring it home.
• Remove all sails, especially roller furling jibs.
• All hatches should be dogged or secured.
• In-water vessels – Have dock lines doubled and secured to the dock poles at a height for all tidal swings with full chafe gear installed.
• Lift vessels – All boats on lifts should be lifted to the highest possible safe height. Secure boats to lift poles to keep boats from swinging. Follow instructions above to secure boat.

All the storm definitions thrown around have definite parameters, and probabilities too! Most are easy to prepare for…

Tropical storm Winds from 39 to 73 mph, up to 4 feet of surge. High probability

Category 1 Hurricane Winds from 74 to 95 mph, 4-5 feet of surge. Good probability

Category 2 Hurricane Winds from 96 to 110 mph, 6-8 feet of surge. Reasonable chance

Category 3 Hurricane Winds from 111 to 130 mph, 9-12 feet of surge. Small chance from a direct hit or from the outer edges of a stronger storm. Easy, but even more preparation work required.

Category 5 Don’t even think about it. Hurricane Winds from 131 to 155 mph, 13-18 feet of surge —or above 155 mph, 18 feet and up surge.
Very small chance from a direct hit. This will take a lot more prep work, but possible to survive with not too much damage if you are prepared and get lucky at the same time.

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